Green Aventurine Stone Benefits

Do you often feel like nothing in life is going your way? Sure, life happens and all of us experience some degree of misfortune. But do you sometimes feel like you can be a magnet for bad luck? If only there was a gemstone that could help you turn things around in a positive direction… 

Luckily, there is! Green aventurine is called the “stone of prosperity” as it brings motivation and opportunity to those who surround themselves with it. If this gemstone were a person, it would be that one friend who’s always so encouraging and supportive of you. Not only is this gemstone’s light green luster symbolic of luck, but also of personal growth. Green aventurine has a close connection to the heart chakra, making it great for those looking to strengthen their relationships. And the best part is all you have to do is lie down on one of our Rainbow Mats to obtain its powerful benefits!

Green Aventurine Stone Benefits
Green Aventurine with Blue Kyanite and Flowering Yellow Trumpet Vine on Blue Stained Wood

We believe that one of the best properties of green aventurine is its relationship with the heart chakra. This chakra point is the center of love and compassion within us, and it influences our feelings of generosity and forgiveness as well as truthful communication. When your heart chakra falls out of balance, it is easier for you to feel disconnected from those around you, alone, and can even lead you to become bitter towards your loved ones. Green aventurine helps open your heart chakra, neutralizing these feelings. This gemstone is great for those going through a rough patch in their relationship or those who have recently gone through a break-up. It’s even beneficial for those who have lost a loved one. This is because it helps us forgive others and, more importantly, ourselves–letting us move on with our lives in a healthy way!

Being the “stone of prosperity”, green aventurine brings luck, opportunity, and motivation. Not only does it present you with opportunity, but it also gives you the strength and courage to seize the opportunity. It is a gemstone that bestows success and abundance, not just in regard to material possessions or wealth (though it certainly helps with that), but with prosperity in life. This is because it helps you achieve all the things you desire. One of the ways it does this is by enhancing your sense of purpose. So many times in life, especially in our careers, we can wonder “why am I doing this”, or “what is all this for?” Green aventurine gives you an understanding of the bigger picture and the perseverance to move forward. All of these aspects of green aventurine make it a great stone to lay the foundation for success!

Aventurine Stone Benefits for Health and Wellness

Another aspect of green aventurine that makes it great for personal growth is its ability to allow us to let go of the things that hold us back. For example, it allows us to break free of our bad habits that get in the way of success. It also allows you to let go of toxic people and to surround yourself with those who encourage and care about your own personal growth. Another property related to this is green aventurine’s ability to embrace change and welcome its benefits. Big changes, like starting a new job or moving to a new city, can be scary–mostly due to the uncertainty that comes with them. Green aventurine helps calm these feelings and gives you the optimism to make the best of what lies ahead of you.

The color of green aventurine conjures feelings of nature, and it has a close association with the earth, too. This gives it a soothing property that can relax your mind and body without exciting it. This makes it a great gemstone to use for sleep! Furthermore, it is a powerful gemstone for healers, such as therapists and energy healers. These kinds of healers are exposed to the negative energies of their clients, but green aventurine helps protect their hearts from absorbing these energies. In fact, it’s even able to convert negativity into positive energy, allowing them to heal those around them to the best of their ability.

Green aventurine also provides the wearer with physical improvements. Because of its relation to the heart chakra, it is useful for easing pain associated with the heart, lungs, and liver. It can also improve circulation, making it good for inflammation and metabolism. Many people also use green aventurine to promote fertility due to its connection to mother nature and its ability to foster good fortune!

So, how do you use green aventurine to obtain its benefits? Well, meditating with green aventurine or surrounding yourself with it is certainly a good option, but we also include it in all of our Rainbow Mats! These mats are filled with not only Green Aventurine but a variety of other natural gemstones that are specifically selected to rebalance your chakra points. They also include numerous therapies, like far-infrared heat and PEMF, that take relief to the next level. 

There’s no doubt about it–green aventurine is the gemstone you need!