Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Arms

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The hand model is a unique model among the entire HealthyLine catalog. Made entirely of crushed gemstones, it is light and flexible enough to wrap all the way around your wrists and hands. This model doesn’t heat the body directly. Instead, it heats a mix of tourmaline, amethyst, and obsidian that is then pressed into the skin. At the same time, these gemstones channel far infrared rays and negative ions in all directions that penetrate the body. Supplying deeply relaxing heat to your joints makes it ideal for managing the symptoms of those living with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, and much more.  Not only will it assist with the stiffness and discomfort, but it can also be used to accelerate recovery following an injury or sports-related accident. For instance, someone with a sore wrist after lifting weights at the gym can use the hand model to regain strength and comfort quicker than normal. The hand model doesn’t come with the added benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or photon lights; instead, it focuses on supplying a top of the line luxurious, strength enhancing heat therapy. Wrap the pain in far infrared heat today and stop it from taking root for a long period of time.